Smart Cities Mission – Introduction to the blog

“Smart City” are the buzz words in India as well as globally today and lot of talk is going on around smart cities and every government department and organization has something cooking around the concept. Lot of ambiguity is still there on what actually will make cities smart but it is driving a lot of innovations which ultimately will make lives of citizens easier.

The requirement of every city is different. Citizens should be engaged and top priorities need to identified. Healthcare may be the focus area in one city whereas efficient public transport may be the key requirement in some other city. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions are available which needs to be customized to fit the requirements of the city and make the assets of the city easily accessible for the citizens.

There is no single definition to what is a smart city. As multiple ideas float, it is important to realize that the essence of the smart city mission is to improve quality of life of the citizens by using technology to bridge the gap between government departments and it’s citizens.

This blog will try to collate all the latest news on smart cities and the technologies that make it like water quality monitoring, smart metering, city surveillance systems, intelligent traffic management,etc.

Smart Cities Mission Blog Categorization based on Mission Guidelines document

The blog will be divided into section for easier reference – E-governance and Citizen Services, Waste Management, Water Management, Energy Management, Urban Mobility and Others. This categorization is borrowed from the excellent illustrative diagram on Smart Solutions in the the document titled Smart Cities – Mission Statements and Guidelines. Although, it is a personal development initiative by the blog owner, it may be helpful to others looking for information on smart cities.

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