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India has embraced the movement to transform it's urban life. The Smart Cities Mission is a government co-ordinated program to select and develop more than 100 cities across the country into smart cities leveraging innovative technology.

This is a personal blog to collate and curate information on the smart technology behind smart cities across the world and how it improves quality of life.

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Importance of network security in smart cities

Smart Cities mean connected cities Smart Cities mean that most of the infrastructure, utilities and it’s citizens are connected on

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Chicago installs fitness trackers for the city, data open for all

“What if a light pole told you to watch out for an icy patch of sidewalk ahead? What if an

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Huawei unveils experience zone and testing lab for smart city solutions

Competing leading organizations are launching new and more innovative solutions for smart city applications frequently. There is a confusing list

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SmartBin offers complete solution for waste collection

Waste Management is one of the most important key areas of focus in smart cities and new innovations are being

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Energy storage products unveiled by Johnson Controls for buildings with rooftop renewable energy source

New buildings, commercial but also some high-end residential buildings are now coming up with their solar or wind energy setups

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South Korean power utility company implementing pilot phase of Smart Grid in Dubai

India is not the only country with a Smart Cities Mission driving the country’s aim to upgrading the quality of

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Water treatment firm Xylem to pay $1.7 billion for metering provider Sensus

Sensus which had $837 million in revenue and $159 million in EBITDA in its last fiscal year is to be

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Cubical Labs – Indian company with smart products for smart homes

Home Automation is not sci-fi anymore and available at affordable rates for new as well as older homes as retrofits

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Cisco and now Intel make their campuses smart to showcase technology

Intel’s SRR3 is a 10-story Office-Laboratory building in Bangalore, India. The building is targeted as a LEED Platinum certified project

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