Zenbo – Smart Robot for Smart Homes from Asus

Every company is trying to make a mark in the smart home space. Asus, the manufacturer of laptops, tablets and phones is also trying to enter the space. Zenbo was launched recently by Asus which  can act as a smart robot that can be a smart home manager, security guard, hands-free kitchen assistant, and family photographer. The website of Asus now officially mentions “Robots” in it’s list of products apart from notebooks and mobiles. Visit https://zenbo.asus.com/ and latest developments around the product.Zenbo

The robot got mixed reviews from bloggers with some terming it as ridiculous. However, it is clearly something our homes are going to have 5 years from now – a smart rolling robot which can provide companionship as well as do some useful things like remind people to take medicines, wake up in the morning, stream live video around the house or even turn off applications left on while leaving in hurry for work.

At $599, it is quite inexpensive considering it is a fancy device which actually do a lot of stuff. Zenbo will respond to queries like Siri or Google Now would, but can also do things like read off recipes. According to the company, Zenbo will learn and adapt to how you use it with with proactive artificial intelligence. As it lives alongside you, it’ll get better at identifying objects and people on its cameras, as well as recognize speech commands. Asus is releasing an SDK to developers, so we’re expecting plenty of alternate personalities and faces for Zenbo, along with new features and functionality.

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