Cubical Labs – Indian company with smart products for smart homes

Home Automation is not sci-fi anymore and available at affordable rates for new as well as older homes as retrofits with easy installations.

Cubical Labs, founded by IIT Guwahati engineers Dhruv Ratra, Swati Vyas and Rahul Bhatnagar in 2013 has already grown from a team size of three to 65 in a span of six months, with more than 20 per cent of the team comprising of IIT/IIM graduates.. They started their major operations in Delhi – NCR and Mumbai a year back and have established a wide network of distributors and dealers in 5 states (14 cities) in India, and till the end of this year. The startup aims to expand to 20 states along with a few south East Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Cubical Labs, has built a series of home automation solutions, hoping to attract the interest of not just the technology aware, but a wider audience. “We don’t want only tech enthusiasts to buy our products, we think they have a much broader appeal,” says Ratra. For example, he points to Cubical Aura, which allows users to remotely manage temperature, humidity, lighting and even mimics assorted IR devices (infrared devices that are remote controls for consumer electronics) on one device.

With Cubical home automation, users can control their electrical devices, watch live video feed from their home and manage and moderate their electrical consumption from anywhere in the world.

More information can be found on the Cubical Labs website at:

Cubical’s patented Cube-R technology offers less data consumption than its competitors and integrates well with other protocols, bringing revolution to the industry of IoT. The company boasts a team of highly motivated employees with the mission of building the ultimate, comprehensive home automation service from India.

Cubical Labs develops, designs, manufactures and markets a range of home automation products, as well as peripheral products for households, offices, hotels, and other commercial and residential properties. The products offer customers more intelligent homes and smarter living environments.

A full list of features is available on the Cubical Labs website, including full automation control, which allows home owners to switch on and off all of their electrical appliances, including lights, fans, air conditioning, TV, and other services from anywhere using their smartphone.

Other features include surveillance, allowing home owners to view their home through IP cameras, giving them a live feed throughout the day with seven days of video recording. Customers can also monitor energy consumption in real time, and all the while their home will be learning from customer needs and will automatically take care of climate and light settings.

Cubical may be competing with leading brands like Schneider, Legrand, Honeywell and Fibraro in the home automation space. However, with product customizations making the solutions more fit for Indian homes and with proper installers, Cubical can pick up pace in an environment where customers are gradually warming up to the idea of having automation in their homes like curtain control, climate control, appliance control, etc.

Other than the usual on/off, mood lighting and scheduling of appliances, the company has a patented regulation feature for all the appliances routed through its device. This lets you control the speed of your fans and ‘dim’ your chandelier/incandescent bulbs/dimmable lights without the need of installing multiple control devices and external dimmers. This is also the feature to integrate IP-based wireless cameras and curtain motors. To avoid service-related hassles, the team at Cubical takes care of installation and servicing, and include a standard ‘no questions asked’ replacement guarantee for the first year absolutely free of cost as well.

Cubical SmartHomes has the smart energy monitoring and management system, which tracks energy usage on a real-time basis, thus enabling users to reduce consumption and conserve resources. The smart and intuitive app helps you understand average energy consumption graphs on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis, track consumption spikes and figure out faulty devices as well.






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