Definition: Energy Performance Index

Energy Performance Index is the measure of the total energy consumption in a building divided by the gross floor area in square meter. The unit of measure is kWh/m2.

The objective of this index is to develop a quantitative energy efficiency metric, based on actual measurement as well as accurate prediction of energy consumption.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India has a Star Rating System for buildings rated on the basis of EPI similar to the popular ratings provided by the same organization for consumer durable applicances.This programme would rate buildings on a 1-5 Star scale with 5 Star labeled buildings being the most efficient. Five categories of buildings – office buildings, hotels, hospitals, retail malls, and IT Parks in five climate zones in the country have been identified. The Reserve Bank of India’s buildings in Delhi and Bhubaneshwar, the CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre and many other buildings have received BEE 5 star ratings.

As per a press release of Infosys, the Pocharam, Hyderabad Campus of the IT giant which has been recognized globally as one of the greenest campuses with world-class innovation in sustainability has an EPI of 75 kWh/m2 per annum which is among the lowest in the industry globally and is a benchmark for others to achieve.


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